This A8 is ready for war.


It would seem as if bullet and bomb proof cars are all the rage this month.

Just this week we were presented with the awesome news of Land Rover`s brand new Sentinel Range Rover that can withstand armor piercing artillery and grenades. And today another European luxury car manufacturer is premiering some of its latest armored auto technology. Audi has just announced that its A8 L Security has officially been upgraded to withstand even more intense attacks than ever before.

The battle-ready luxury sedan now meets class VR 9 ballistic protection standards, which is the highest grade security rating for a civilian sedan. Not only is this baby armored like a tank with highly resistant materials, including custom aluminum alloys and steel armor, it`s also a technological juggernaut.

Standard tech features include an armored communication box, selective door unlocking, and an intercom system. Additional security options include an emergency exit system, fire extinguishing system, and even an emergency fresh air mechanism. Two engines are available: a 4.0-liter V8 with 429 hp and a 495 hp, 6.0-liter W12, and it can handle a class-leading maximum payload of 1,323 lbs.

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