Audi A3

A3 Audi

With lively turbo-charged engines, responsive handling and numerous standard features, the Audi A3 is an extremely popular in the Audi range.

Comments from Critics

  • The turbo-charged four-cylinder engine generates more than adequate highway-merging power
    front-wheel drive are standard in the 2015 A3 1.8T.
  • A larger turbo-charged four-cylinder engine and all-wheel drive are standard in the A3 2.0T as well as the high-performance S3.
  • The Audi A3 TDI performs similarly to the 1.8T’s engine.
  • All A3 variants come standard with a six-speed automated manual transmission.
  • The base 2015 Audi A3 produces 10.2/7.12 litres/100 kms /highway driving which is considered good for its class, and the TDI gets 7.6 /5.5 litres/100 kms which is excellent.
  • Reviewers generally agree that the base model A3 provides a very smooth ride, responsive and agile steering, while the ‘all-wheel drive models’ are considered to be more suitable and dynamic thanks to their additional grip.

The A3’s boot is small for its class, with most automotive journalists reporting limited head- and legroom in the rear seating area.

What other Motoring Websites say:

  1. “The 2015 Audi A3 is the benchmark for a new, smaller segment of entry-level luxury sedans. It’s definitely small, which may be an issue for some, but it’s no less luxurious or rewarding to drive than pricier Audis.” — Edmunds
  2. “Mercedes-Benz broke new ground with the CLA. Audi walked the same path, with more commitment, and made a better car. The A3 feels like it has more interior space, an airier cabin, more comfort, and fewer blind spots for the driver. It’s also a sharper handler.” — Road and Track
  3. “Audi has caught on to America’s aversion to hatchbacks. The result of this realization is a quick course correction, a proper sedan that is also a blast to drive. With a wide array of powertrain, luxury and technology options, the A3 offers something for everyone at an attractive entry price.” — Left Lane News
  4. “Both sporty and welcoming, the A3 may be small but it’s a pleasure to live with – its standard panoramic sunroof, bi-xenon headlights and leather seating only sweeten the deal.” — Kelley Blue Book

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