Audi Range to be dominated by SUVs by 2020


Audi Chairman Rupert Stadler says that up to 50 % of Audi sales by 2020 will be dominated by SUV’s.

“We are working hard on our SUV strategy. In five to ten years, 40-45%, possibly even 50%, of our sales will be SUVs. I prefer to react to what the customer wants and they’re asking for SUVs.” Audi’s current SUV line-up consists of the Q3, Q5 and Q7 with the Q1 in 2016 followed by the in 2017. He also confirmed that Audi is exploring at an even smaller SUV in the range.

He also confirmed that Audi will take the lead on autonomous driving. ‘We are at the very forefront of piloted driving – the Audi A8 we will launch in 2017 will have fully autonomous capability at up to 80km/h”

Audi could possibly build something similar to the Google car without traditional controls and with urban mobility at its heart. “We will see – it could happen,” he said. “People’s mobility needs will change a lot………….”

Car sharing is also something that Audi is investigating and it’s already running leasing programmes that enable groups of people to lease cars like the R8 together giving them access to cars they might not otherwise be able to afford .

He also predicted the growth of battery electric vehicles within Audi’s range with a model capable of a range of 500 kms by 2018. “And range will increase dramatically and we will try to bring down prices [of electric cars], too,” he said

Styling is still very important to consumers despite technological no matter what technology improvements might occur.

Stadler also said “People’s purchasing choice is based on good design. We will do everything to keep our cars the sexiest around.”

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