Audi RS4  

Audi RS 4 Avant/Standaufnahme

The Audi RS4 is powered by a V8 motor which provides some 313Kw of power delivered to the Quattro all-wheel drive system driving power to the rear wheels.

The RS4’s incredible grip matches the impressively powerful V8 engine provides driver excitement with its fantastic engine, slick seven-speed S Tronic gearbox and clever four-wheel drive system, making the Audi RS4 incredibly easy to drive at speed, whatever the conditions.

It is interesting to note that drivers can also fine-tune the throttle, steering and exhaust settings via the computerised ‘Drive Select’ system. The RS4 is capable of accelerating from 0-100 kmh in just 4.7 seconds -which is said to be some 0.2 seconds slower than the RS5 Coupe. Good enough to take-on both the new BMW M3 and Mercedes-Benz’s C63 AMG.

The RS4 features an upscale interior, with very comfortable sport-bucket seats with seating comfort and space for passengers in the front and rear. Engine noise is only evident in the cabin with hard acceleration. Tyre noise is minimal making long-distance driving noise-free.

The RS4 is equipped with 19-inch wheels and 255/35 high-performance tires, Dynamic Ride Control suspension, xenon headlights, Recaro sport seats with power adjustment (the Cabriolet has no Recaro seats) and front seat warmers. Napa leather upholstery, carbon-fibre cabin trim, dual-zone automatic climate control, a 10-speaker audio system with six-disc CD changer, a sunroof (sedan) and rear park assist are all standard.

From the moment you open the door, the RS4 impresses with its feeling of quality and solidity. It’s beautifully made from quality materials. Wide tyres and huge brakes mean that grip and stopping power are easily a match for the powerful engine.

Safety features include stability control, anti-locking brakes, front-seat side airbags and full-length head curtain airbags are all standard.

Audi consistently produces some of the finest interiors with both models featuring outstanding materials and efficient controls.

Apart from the amazing acceleration, the RS 4 makes a strong showing in the braking and handling departments. Confidence and grip from the front tires are superb, balance is good and steering at speed is the best on all Audi’s.

What other Motoring Website Say

  1. What Car?

At low speeds the engine is smooth and relatively quiet, while gear changes are unobtrusive if you leave the car in Comfort mode. The ride, while firm, is bearably smooth in this mode, too – despite the fact the RS4 is lowered by 20mm compared with the standard A4 Avant.

  1. Top Gear

It’s subtle like it should be, but tough. Got some punch too: it may be a practical estate, but it’s a practical estate with a naturally-aspirated V8 that revs to 8,500rpm, hits 62mph in 4.7 and 155 or 174mph top end depending on which limiter you pay for.

  1. Auto Express

This time around, the RS4 is only available as an Avant – Audi reckons buyers of the old saloon and Cabrio versions have migrated to the RS5.

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