Audi TT Crossover Confirmed

Audi TT Crossover Confirmed For Production, May Wear TTQ Badge: Report

Audi used the 2014 Beijing Auto Show to present a high-riding version of its TT sports car in the form of the TT Offroad concept.

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At the reveal, Audi said the crossover concept provided a glimpse at how the automaker might turn the TT sports car into a family of vehicles spanning a number of different segments. Now, a report out of Europe claims a production version of the TT Offroad concept has been approved and may end up wearing a TTQ badge.

The production TT Offroad will be a compact crossover sitting between the Q3 and Q5 models in Audi`s high-riding lineup, but it won`t be badged a Q4, according to Automotive News {subscription required}. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles already has the rights to Q4 when it comes to automotive applications and currently uses the name for the all-wheel-drive system of premium brand Maserati.

This is why the production TT Offroad won`t be using Audi`s current nomenclature for high-riding models where the letter Q is joined with a number representing the vehicle`s positioning.

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Interestingly, Automotive News is also reporting that Audi had originally planned to call its upcoming subcompact crossover a Q2 but received no answer for requests made to the rights holder of the Q2 name, which also happens to be FCA. Instead, Audi will call the vehicle a Q1.

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